Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business
How to Start, Run and Succeed in Lawn Maintenance

Interested in starting a lawn maintenance business? Do you want to learn more about small businesses? Then this book is for you! Dave Tucker has been involved in the Green Industry since 1985. Not only has he worked as an employee, he developed a program to help companies run more successfully. He now owns a lawn maintenance company where he tests out new ideas that his thousands of customers have given him over the years. This book is filled with advice about what works and tells hilarious stories about what to not do! We hope it will be a great resource for you.

Piecework and the Beautiful Business
Getting Your Employees to Pull with You

Is there a way to get your employees excited about profit? What if you could double or even triple the amount of work they do—and have them happy to do it? This book will tell you how to do this and more. If you have a lawn maintenance business with employees, this is a must read book for you. If you have a different business, this book will change the way you manage your employees and make everyone more satisfied.